Therapy is an investment into your mental health and wellbeing. It shouldn't break your bank so reach out! We are here to help!
Contact your Insurance Provider to check or add Psychotherapy Services to your Policy.

Individual Psychotherapy (Online) - 50 Minute Session 

$130.00 (HST included)

Family Psychotherapy (Online) - 120 Minute Session:

$150.00 (HST is included)


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Sliding Scale
Sliding scale are when fees for the services are set at a lower/affordable cost within a given range, to make therapy more accessible.

Sliding Scale Rates range from $80.00 to $100.00 (HST included) with limited availability.

We have 2 slots available at each rate. The rate offered will always be the lowest slot available at the time you connect with us. Once you have reached your goals and are no longer in need of therapy then that slot will be vacant and go to the next person in need. 

Sliding Scale is available for those who have:

  • No Insurance Coverage
  • Limited Insurance Coverage or Sessions Not Fully Covered by Insurance Companies
  • Financial Need (Financially Impacted by Job loss, Change in Circumstances, Covid-19, Disability, etc.)
  • University/College Students  

Please reach out to discuss your needs by booking a Free Discovery Call or filling out a contact form!

Therapy shouldn't break your bank so reach out!

We are here to help! 

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