We Hurt the Ones Closest to Us

Lets learn to set healthy boundaries to respect ourselves and family members. Let's break the cycle of hurt.

Family therapy is when 2 or more family members want to work on issues or problems that get in the way of feeling understood and understanding others. Learning new ways on how to communicate, care, love, trust, and respect one another. 

Family is such an important piece in our lives and yet, can be a source of lots of pain and strife. 

Sometimes not all members of the family are available or want to participate. That's okay! Therapy can be provided on an individual basis with the focus being on family patterns, and dynamics. 

Sometimes just getting started and one person making change for themselves may open up a new way of being in a family. 

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Most Common Issues:

  • Feeling invalidated 
  • Increased arguments
  • Issues communicating 
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Not being heard
  • Issues listening to others
  • Challenges with repair after an argument
  • Feeling stuck 
  • Differences in values

There are so many more other contributing and common issues but these are some that really impact a family and relationships. 

How Family Therapy Works

Assessing the Rules, Roles, and Patterns to Shed Unhealthy Dynamics

Many people question whether family therapy actually works. It does work to help open the lines of communication and actually help one another listen. Everyone must participate, share, and listen. The family therapist takes time to understand how each person perceives the problem in the family and works to collectively set a goal that will help the family function better.

Sometimes the therapist will work with the family on the whole and then work with smaller units (1 parent, 2 siblings, parent-child, parent unit etc). 

We will work together to examine the patterns that keep the family stuck and start implementing new ways to change the dynamic into a healthier pattern.

For Parents

There is no rule book on being a parent to your child! But there are ways to learn how to understand, listen, and communicate better to improve the parent-child relationship, by how you choose to respond.

Sometimes parents can be left feeling stuck, unsure, or downright helpless. Social media and comparing what others are doing can also make a parent feel inferior and even more lost.

Therapy can help you navigate and understand the life stage and challenges that are presented at child, adolescent, teen and young/adulthood stages. The role of a parent is constantly changing and learning what works best for you in your family can help you feel more confident.

Therapy can help ease the pressure and tension to cope better and help you see that you are doing your best.

Feel more confident in your parenting skills by adding to your toolbox of strategies, understand and learn about development and much more!

Our family systems therapists are able to help walk through your own family patterns that you would like to carry forward that is helpful and help you identify what is harmful and needs change. 

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